About Us

Hi-Trans Express is a national provider of dynamic freight, warehousing and logistics management services. With over 50 years experience in the transport industry and a strong history of exceeding clients’ expectations, you can entrust Hi-Trans Express with your future logistics requirements.

Over 50 years experience

Hi-Trans Express Pty Ltd is an independent family owned company based in Adelaide with a national branch network. The key to our continued success in a very competitive environment has been the provision of reliable and cost effective services to our customers that meet and exceed their individual needs.

Our customer service commitment has led to Hi-Trans Express maintaining long term relationships with significant companies… many being common household names.

Our beginnings

In its infancy the company focus was on the provision of a customer oriented freight service between Adelaide and Broken Hill.

The freight carried to Broken Hill was largely groceries and mining equipment, while back loading was primarily wool.

In the late 70’s the company extended its service to Brisbane. Fresh produce was carried from Adelaide to Brisbane with a back load to Broken Hill of fertiliser which in turn saw growth in bulk grain cartage to Adelaide.

Local produce growers enjoying the success of the Adelaide and Brisbane markets saw an opportunity for the movement of fresh produce to Sydney.

Hi-Trans Express was now focusing on Broken Hill, Brisbane and Sydney. Back loading out of the Sydney/Newcastle area was largely mining equipment and supplies for Broken Hill.

With the increased movement to Sydney the company opened a branch there in 1982 to cater for this expanding business.

The later years

As business and demand grew a need was identified to develop the Broken Hill to Melbourne via Adelaide and return lane. As this lane developed a branch was opened in Melbourne. Whilst the Victorian, South Australian trade grew, the company also identified a market ex Melbourne to both Sydney and Brisbane.

Today Hi-Trans Express supports its Australia wide operations from its Head Office in Adelaide, and operates branches in Adelaide, Broken Hill, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and has agents in Perth, Darwin and Hobart.


National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS)

NHVAS is one of the leading initiatives helping the transport industry become more professional in its operating systems. NHVAS and Quality go hand in hand as many of the requirements are identical.

What NHVAS requires over and above a quality system is the need to clearly define how our vehicle fleet is maintained, maintenance frequency, vehicle inspections, specific driver training and their need to be healthy and fit for the job. We are proud of our vehicle maintenance program and feel we were totally in control. Through NHVAS we have found more efficient ways to do the same job in a much safer way.

Website: www.ntc.gov.au

Hazard and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

HACCP is an internationally recognised food safety standard program. It involves monitoring, verifying and validating the daily work routine to ensure that is compliant with regulatory requirements at all stages and at all times to minimise the risk of contamination.

Hi-Trans Express is proud to be HACCP certified since 2001 and in being so, able to deliver best practice measures to ensure the highest quality service possible. As well as being HACCP certified, Hi-Trans Express has been recognised by the Dept. of Primary Industries for the Transport and Distribution of Meat products since 1997 (Category 7).

Website: www.haccp.com.au

WH&S Policy

Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

As part of our compliance processes, Hi-Trans Express is 100% committed to providing a safe working environment, which is free from hazards, for all staff, contractors and visitors on site through the following policies:

  • Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare;
  • Rehabilitation;
  • Establishment of measurable objectives and targets;
  • Legislative and regulatory compliance;
  • Continual Improvement in all our endeavours;
  • Using our own internal and contracted external resources as required in the execution of our WH&S responsibilities;

In recognition of our Duty of Care to all persons in the workplace, we have developed and maintain processes for identification of WH&S specific responsibilities and accountabilities within our position descriptions.

Policy Implementation

The Hi-Trans Express’ WH&S Policy is implemented through a Quality Management System, which includes active involvement and commitment of all personnel in:

  • Identification and control of hazards;
  • Investigation and reporting of all accidents and dangerous incidents;
  • Participation of and consultation with employees on safety matters of significance;
  • Provision of first aid and emergency procedures;
  • Provision of information, training and supervision as necessary for safety;
  • Contractor Management


Carry out our Health and Safety Policy, being responsible for the health and safety of all persons working in any operation under their control. They ensure that supervisors who report to them are provided with the necessary instruction, training and resources to implement the Policy and hold them accountable to do so.

All persons directing the work of others are responsible for all people in their charge, and actively identifying hazards, which could cause any harm to any person in their area of control or operation and take prompt action to control them or report them to another person who has authority and capability to do so.

Take care of their health and safety and that of their fellow workers to the extent of their capability by following all safety rules, procedures and instructions of their supervisors. They are trained to not misuse safety equipment and are directed to report all hazards and injuries or ill health to their supervisor or another management person if the supervisor is not present.

Managers and Supervisors
May delegate safety duties to others but the responsibility remains with them.


Environmental Management Policy

As part of our compliance processes, Hi-Trans Express Pty Ltd is absolutely committed to the Prevention of Pollution, and management of the Environment in accordance with:

  • requirements of ISO 14001
  • legislative and regulatory obligations throughout all of our activities.

Hi-Trans Express will:

  • Create systems and processes which control our environmental obligations
  • Set and review environmental objectives and targets
  • Continually improve our environmental performance
  • Communicate with stakeholders regarding our environmental obligations and our environmental performance

Hi-Trans Express undertakes to put in place cost effective actions to reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions.

This covers, but is not limited to:

  • Minimising the environmental impact of our buildings, plant and office equipment through upgrading systems, lighting, office equipment and recycling paper waste.
  • Reducing vehicle emissions through matching trucks and trailers to freight tasks.
  • Limiting gas emissions from waste products.
  • Collection of oil coolant by registered waste disposal providers.
  • Tyres marked for disposal are collected and shredded for recycling.
  • Management systems to measure, monitor and support gas reduction initiatives including energy usage, staff awareness and employee participation.

Application Of Interest

Juniors under 21 years of age to specify
Separate with comma
To be provided if successful
Licence details will be verified in accordance with State requirements

Training Experience: Courses, First Aid, Fortlift etc.

Previous Employment

Physical Record

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It is agreed and understood that:

  1. Completing this application will in no way assure that I will be employed.
  2. This application was completed by me; all entries on it and information in it are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and any misrepresentation of information given shall be considered an act of dishonesty and I understand that any falsification or misrepresentation herein could result in my discharge in the event that I am employed by Primeline Contracting Pty Ltd. I will furnish freely such information or documents that may be required to complete my employment file.
  3. I hereby authorise Primeline Contracting Pty Ltd to investigate my previous record of employment to ascertain any and all information which may concern my record whether same is of record or not and I release my former employer from all liability for any damages on account of furnishing such information.
  4. In the event of my leaving Primeline Contracting Pty Ltd for any cause I authorise Primeline Contracting Pty Ltd to answer any and all enquiries as to my conduct and qualifications while working for the company, and my reason for leaving.
  5. I agree that If / When, I leave Primeline Contracting Pty Ltd either voluntarily or involuntarily, I will return all company property. Otherwise, I understand the cost is to be paid by me.
  6. If Primeline Contracting Pty Ltd requires I consent to undertake a medical examination at the Company’s expense and I authorise the release of any relevant information associated with any preexisting condition/ailment to the Company, provided that such information is treated with sensitivity and confidentiality.
  7. If offered employment with Primeline Contracting Pty Ltd, I understand that my employment conditions are as expressed in the Policies, Procedures and Standard Conditions of Employment contained in the Employment & Safety Handbook or Drivers Compliance manual (which ever is applicable) will be issued to me on commencement of employment.
  8. Your employment is confirmed upon the receipt of a duly completed Letter of Appointment signed by two of the Managing Directors.