Qualified personnel with expert advice
When you are looking for a company characterised by a ‘can-do’ culture and where service delivery is defined by enthusiasm and expertise.

At Hi-Trans Express, we understand that our success as a service based business is driven by our people, who are the heart of our operations.

As a family owned company, we have created a culture that rewards each person’s skills and actively encourages each team member to develop their passion for their profession, establish long-term corporate relationships and lasting friendships.

  • We encourage employees to further their careers through our fully funded ongoing staff development programs.
  • Our team's passion for their profession informs our every action.
  • Hi-Trans Express has a remarkably low staff turnover rate.

Understanding that our services begin and end with the most important aspect of human relationships – communication – our working environment is characterised by open channels of communication between team members and a supportive, horizontal management structure.

As you'll discover, working with our team is an enjoyable experience.