We take our responsibility seriously
You can relax in the knowledge that your freight is being transported with care and safety by true industry professionals.

The management team at Hi-Trans Express is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees, contractors and visitors.

Consequently, Hi-Trans Express only employ the very best professional drivers for the job – those who have responsible attitudes toward safety and risk-taking.

Hi-Trans Express’ Accredited Driver Fatigue Management Plan involves both driver training and health assessments prior to driver accreditation.

Driving hours are monitored by our Linehaul Supervisor, who ensures driving hours regulations are being adhered to, and who insists on both safety and compliance with National Road Transport Authorities.

We have introduced a comprehensive range of procedures and risk management strategies to meet and exceed fatigue management compliance.


These procedures and strategies include:

  • Training and health assessments prior to driver accreditation
  • Driver and truck changeover points with driver sleeping facilities
  • Driving hours monitored
  • National Road Transport compliance
  • Risk and Fatigue Analysis using FAID
  • Constant revision of Routes, Times and Lifestyle
  • Compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Amendment (Long Distance Truck Drivers Fatigue) Regulation 2008
  • GPS monitoring of Fatigue Management by vehicle & driver

To ensure compliance, Management conduct regular reviews and audits of work schedules.


Journey Planning

For regular or repeated trips, an initial Journey Plan is undertaken and regularly reviewed for effectiveness.

A Journey Plans is undertaken for each irregular trip or trip where some operating factor varies. This is conducted in consultation with drivers to ensure that each party has knowledge of the duties required of them.

In addition, Management ensure that drivers complete records of work schedules. These records are retained for a period of 7 years.

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Our management staff are dedicated to the growth and development of Hi-Trans Express..   Hi-Trans Express is absolutely committed to the safety and welfare of every employee.   Hi-Trans Express is keen to recruit people who are passionate about their profession.