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Integrated freight, warehousing and distribution management services mean Hi-Trans Express has evolved over the last decade to become a leader in their field.
Always an industry innovator, Hi-Trans Express was one of the first companies in Australia to implement a Transport Management System.

Hi-Trans Express sophisticated 3PL operations are empowered by industry leading, fully integrated transport and warehouse management systems.  Our 3PL services are to EAN Standards.

Our system features include:

  • Real-time track and trace functionality
  • Shelf life and expiry date control based on receiver requirements
  • Electronic Order Management and Pick Order Confirmation using FTP
  • Back Order control
  • Time Slot management
  • EAN Standards Control
  • Recall listings
  • “Do not release” flags
  • Quarantine of damage goods
  • Comprehensive stock reporting
  • Control of part pallett stock\
  • Simple cycle counts
  • Full (prefered) location management
  • Full desktop control
  • Integration to freight management
  • Despatch labelling
  • Fully balanced accounts
  • Rack and bin managemen
What are 3PL and EAN Standards?

Definition of Third Party Logistics

Hi-Trans Express provides industry leading third party logistics (3PL) services. For those unfamiliar with the business model, 3PL enable clients to outsource various supply chain functions to a company possessing the requisite resources to manage those functions economically and efficiently.

Hi-Trans Express' 3PL services can include management of the following logistics functions:

  • inbound freight;
  • customs;
  • warehousing;
  • order fulfilment;
  • distribution;
  • outbound freight to clients customers.

EAN Standards

Hi-Trans Express supports the use of EAN labels. EAN labels describe products in both standard text and in bar-code form. This system is widely used in the US and Europe.

EAN labelling is considered to be the world’s best practice in supply chain logistics, the barcode identifies the item code (GTIN or Global Trade Item Number), batch or lot number, expiry or best before date and product quantity. A number of major Australian retailers are implementing this system within their own supply chains to improve efficiencies.






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