Direct distribution from your desktop
Third party warehousing and distribution services that offer real-time visibility, reporting and inventory control.
Hi-Trans Express warehouse operations are supported by sophisticated Warehouse Management Systems with a comprehensive range of features.
Our automated stock management systems eliminate any margin for error.

EAN Standards

Hi-Trans Express supports the use of EAN labels. EAN labels describe products in both standard text and in bar-code form. This system is widely used in the US and Europe. EAN labelling is considered to be the world’s best practice in supply chain logistics.

The barcode identifies the item code by its GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), batch or lot number, expiry or best-before date and product quantity. A number of major Australian retailers are implementing this system within their own supply chains to improve efficiencies.



Hi-Trans Express warehouses can accommodate your various storage and distribution needs and have the capacity to cater to both large and small volumes of product.

Our warehousing operations are supported by sophisticated Warehouse Management Systems that are fully integrated with Hi-Trans Express' Transport Mangement Systems.

Location Management

Hi-Trans Express can provide a complete location management solution. All goods and product quantities are tracked and traced as each pallet is scanned into Rack or Bin locations.

Any goods or products can easily be found with a simple but effective search using our warehousing software

Stock Management

The highest accuracy is kept as all data entry, movement dockets and barcodes are generated from inside the office, not on the warehouse floor.

Order, pick and pack accuracy is ensured by our use of DataLogic handheld RF scanners that automate stock management. This eliminates the margin for error by enforcing the disciplines of stock management that remove discretionary packer choice.


This ensures that the right product is safely delivered to your customer by one of the many vehicles in our local fleets.

Features of our warehousing software:

  • Shelf life & expiry date control
  • Electronic order management & pick confirmation
  • Back-order control
  • Time slot management
  • EAN standards control
  • Quarantine of damaged goods
  • A comprehensive damaged goods reporting system
  • Simple stock count processes


The Hi-Trans Express warehouse system has various detailed reports that can easily and quickly be sent to your preferred correspondence method.

Reporting features of our warehousing software include:

  • Stock on hand reports
  • Job process reports
  • Inwards or outwards activity reports
  • Receiver activity reports
  • Trace individual product movements
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