Technology at your fingertips
Fast and efficient bookings online, real-time status visibility and sign on glass Proof of Delivery.
All Hi-Trans Express clients have 24/7 access to our industry leading, web-based freight management systems, allowing them to create or view freightnotes, make bookings and source Proof of Delivery with ease.
Every pick-up and delivery vehicle in Hi-Trans Express fleet is equipped with GPS. This allows both real-time job management and communication from operations to the drivers.

Hi-Trans Express provides all clients with a direct link to our industry leading, fully integrated web-based freight management systems and a national computer network.

Hi-Trans Express Weblink is a unique and feature-rich online system that allows customers to create freightnotes, make bookings, view Proof of Delivery and invoices, all from one place. Weblink provides customers with up to the minute information about what's happening to their freight.

Our integrated systems allow complete track and trace facilities for our customers who have web access. From freight pickup, to loading, interstate transfer, branch arrival and final delivery, the online screen shows the consignments status through all phases and then adds scanned Proof of Delivery images and invoice information.

Hi-Trans Express complimentary Weblink service provides customers with all of the tools they expect from a desktop solution but with the ease of an online service.


Being online with Hi-Trans Express gives exceptional visibility across our operations  Features include:

  • Multi-user environment;
  • Easy to use interface;
  • Automatic updates;
  • Step-by-step guides;
  • Minimal paperwork ;
  • Create freightnotes live into Hi-Trans Express' system;
  • Print freightnotes and labels to any printer ;
  • Make bookings directly through our system;
  • View Proof of Delivery;
  • View invoices;
  • Status of a freightnotes;
  • See the signature as soon as the freight is delivered;
  • View, print or download Proof of Delivery image/s;
  • Easy retrieval of freightnote records and images by freightnote number;
  • Easy invoice reconciliation;
  • Secure and private connection.

Proof of Delivery and Invoice System

The online Proof of Delivery system is a secure internet based Proof of Delivery and Invoice viewer. This system allows you to lookup all of your freightnotes and invoices.

With the integration of the Weblink system and the GPS system you can now see accurate Proof of Delivery and signatures as they happen.

This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.



Online Proof of Delivery system benefits include the following:

  • Easy to use;
  • Up to date pickup & delivery information;
  • View Proof of Delivery & signatures;
  • View invoices;
  • Detailed Status of a consignment;
  • Easy retrieval of Freightnote records and images by Freightnote number or reference number;
  • View / save / print / e-mail Proof of Delivery images with matching data information.

Booking System

Hi-Trans Express provides a web based booking system that allows clients to easily create your own bookings anywhere and at anytime.

With this system there is no longer any need for clients to waste precious time on long phone calls. Bookings are now much simpler and more efficient; it only takes a matter of minutes.


Benefits of our online bookings system include:

  • Book anywhere & anytime;
  • No more waiting on the phone;
  • Simple and easy to use system;
  • Easily find bookings – each has its own unique ID;
  • Bookings go directly to operations for instant management;
  • System is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
It takes six seconds for your consignment to be located via satellite and updated on our freight management systems.

GPS Tracking Systems

Hi-Trans Express' fleet has unique and advanced GPS tracking system installed in every vehicle. The GPS system is fully integrated into the Hi-Trans Express network and allows both job management and communication from operations to the drivers.

The system allows operation managers to manage each truck and make any decisions according to the latest GPS and freight information available.


Our GPS system is a comprehensive tracking and vehicle management solution with an extensive range of features and reports built on the latest technology platforms.

With web based real-time vehicle tracking we have the availability to generate daily email reporting based on way points that can include departure time, arrival time, unloading times, on-dock, receiver pre-alert and exception reporting.